About Us

Cuckoobag are a design led manufacturer of eco bag solutions made of Jute & Cotton materials. We want to create exclusive handicrafts you will want to keep forever.

We are dedicated to working in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. We seek to benefit both our immediate community, and the world around us, by being pro-active in eco-brands and setting a bench mark in the use of fair-trade in our supply chain.


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Our talented designers are at the cutting edge of fashion. Our ranges consist of many pieces that are the next must have’s in accessory wear. In addition, many of our ranges are limited
edition collectables. We use innovative concepts in our manufacturing and design to encourage lifetime usage of our bags.

Why Cuckoobag ?

Eco & Ethical aspects of our Products Cuckoobag is a jute alternative to the plastic bag. It is totally eco-friendly as it is far more biodegradable than paper, breaking down in just under 2 years into a sandy stone the size of a golf ball.

We make a difference at ground level of our production stage; we like to re-invest through Bags-for-Millions 2% of all our net profits

Fashion Bags

Our latest designer range has been created by young talents fresh into the fashion industry. This new exciting range is a must have for all occasions. The range consists of evening bags, beach bags, fashionable shopping bags, professional laptop, and briefcase business bags.

Shopping Bags

These can be supplied in standard Cuckoobag designs or made specific to a company requirement. They are the natural replacement to the conventional giveaway store plastic bags that can be made in Jute, or Cotton or Jute and cotton mix, Juco. They are the underlying ethos to our slogan, ‘Cuckoobag, Kick out the Plastic’

Events Bags

These are bespoke bags made specifically to meet a customer’s requirements. They can be used for either advertising or promotional needs as give away bags across; exhibitions; seasonal promotions and event management markets.


This is a specially selected range of handy craft items made in villages supported through our Bangladesh enterprises. This range consists of jewellery, bangles, necklaces, scarfs, shawls and home crafts. Our craft items enhance our bag collections which provide a one stop gift solution for any occasion. This range lends itself to promotional gift wear. (Contact for further details)