Mila’s hoping for bags more out of UCLan students

May 27, 2010

A Preston mother-of-one who is launching her own range of eco-friendly bags is looking to set up her own design house at the city’s university.

Mila Raedermacher, 35, of Ingol, has plans to include three designs created by second year fashion students at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in the winter and spring collections of her Cuckoo Bag range.

Through her company, Mila Enterprises, the entrepreneur is setting up a network of ‘pop-up shop’ stalls and stands to sell the bags from.

Xiaoping Huang won a competition to turn a standard bag, made of organic jute material, into a fashion accessory with fellow students Sarah Whaley and Catherine Sylvester coming runners-up.

Mila said: “We were really spoilt for choice with the range of designs which the students came up with and we are looking to use as many of them as we can.

“Hopefully we can work more with the university and create a production line of designs; the standard they have set here will be our benchmark.”

Janet Moon, a senior fashion lecturer at UCLan, said the designs which the students produced during their Easter holidays showed how students’ designs could hit the high street.

She said: “The majority of our graduates go into high street retailers, such as Marks and Spencer, Coast and Oasis, so this kind of experience will be invaluable to them and highlights how the university can work with businesses for mutual benefit.”

Taken from the LEP May 2009